Are you looking to make your faith or spirituality meaningful again? 

Maybe you are questioning or maybe you have left it all behind. I know that feeling. I deconstructed for years–and still am deconstructing–but I have also begun to explore reconstructing.


I won't point you back to Christianity, or any religion for that matter. I'll send you weekly emails meant to encourage you, make you pause and reflect on your journey, and to share what I am learning.

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Maybe there is a different way to do church.


Maybe there is a different approach to faith altogether.

"For those who are (or who have) walking away from much of the religious knowledge they used to cling to, Brandon not only helps us feel less alone but gives us wisdom on how to begin reconstructing a spirituality that's meaningful--again."

-Amazon Review

About Brandon

Brandon is a community organizer from Rock Island, IL, where he lives with his wife and son. He helps facilitate community spaces for Connection Quad Cities and is the co-host the Ode to the Underdog podcast. He is both a craft beer and coffee snob, and prefers both be brewed and roasted in his hometown. An INFJ and Enneagram Type 2, he loves nothing more than cooking dinner and mixing cocktails for friends. 

You can learn more about Brandon and his church-that-isn't-a-church at


"An honest and compelling read from a pastor with great love and great questions. Brandon Carleton has written a brave book that puts words to what so many people are likely thinking but don't feel comfortable saying." 

-Amazon Customer

"Whether you are a pastor or not, a person of faith or someone who has walked away, Brandon's story will resonate with you and give you hope for the future of community and spiritual life."

-Amazon Customer

"There are so many parts of this book that had me nodding along in agreement. The issues with the church run so deep and are so painful for so many of us" 

-Amazon Customer

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